Q:  What exactly does SurveyBlock do?
A:  SurveyBlock (aka "Survey Block", "Survey Blocker", etc) exists for those who are tired of having to fill out a survey when they access websites with “premium content.” Basically, we take your request for a webpage that you type in, download it for you, then re-serve it to you free of the survey ads. That way you can enjoy the website without having to deal with the annoying “gateway” that so many deem necessary to use these days.

Q:  Why does SurveyBlock need my PayPal email address?
A:  This is how we track your subscription type. If you sign up with a different email address than the one you use to pay for your subscription, we will not be able to provide you with the right service. If you do this by accident please contact us and let us know which account you signed up with and we will set things right.

Q:  What all do I get when I sign up?
A:  You get unrestricted access to our custom survey-blocking technology that works with ANY browser. It even works with mobile devices (iPhone, PalmPre, etc.) You also get customer support that responds promptly to address any issues.

Q:  What software do I need to use SurveyBlock?
A:  Just your browser! Simply log in and type in the URL (web address, usually beings with “http://”) of the webpage you want to go to that has a gateway on it, and SurveyBlock will handle the rest.

Q:  How should I configure my browser when using SurveyBlock?
A:  Enable cookies and javascript. We use cookies to identify you as a logged in, verified user of SurveyBlock, so they must be enabled in order for the service to work correctly. Javascript is used to add user enhancements to your browsing experience (such as dynamically resizing and closing windows). These are usually already enabled on most browsers.

Q:  Is SurveyBlock 100% effective at bypassing survey gateways?
A:  In general, yes. If you come across a site that is not working correctly, use the “Contact” link and let us know. We'll fix it quickly and all should be well.

Q:  How do I get the exact web address of a site I want to see without a survey?
A:  The easiest way to do this is by right-clicking on the link that leads to the page, and pressing "copy link shortcut" or the phrase that sounds similar to that. Then, paste that into SurveyBlock, and it should give you a longer-than-usual URL. If you have issues, please let us know (see below for contact email)

Q:  Will every link on the page be survey-free?
A:  SurveyBlock will disable the survey for the url you specify. If you click on a link within that page it will not be processed and could contain a survey. As the previous answer explains, simply right-click and copy the url of that link and paste it into the SurveyBlock text field and click "Go". We hope to have this resolved in the next release. Click here to see a video example.

Q:  I purchased an account and never got access!
A:  Please email us with your email you used to sign up, and your PayPal transaction number at:
We'll verify and get back to you as soon as possible.

We've all been to at least one of those sites that lure you in with their content only to be greeted by some annoying popup asking you to complete a survey or offer before letting you watch that video or play that game. It's such a hassle and wastes a lot of your time. SurveyBlock puts an end to all this nonsense. We have a proprietary mechanism for bypassing gateways of all of the popular gateway companies, including CPALead, PerfectTracking, AdscendMedia, InstantDollarz and Zango/Pinball.

- The SurveyBlock team